WE ARE NOW ONLINE! Bringing Razzamataz to you @HOME during these uncertain times!

You can continue the Razz fun and adventure now from the comfort of your own home! Online classes through ZOOM lets you interact with us and the other Razz kids and parents!

Tiny Tots

Parent and child working together in the class. The perfect sensory way to start your journey with Razz and the ideal start to your child’s development.

Featuring a special ‘time to share’ and ‘time to bond’ in each class, Razz Tiny Tots is packed full of sensory fun and exploration, designed in line with the tried and trusted methods of Razzamataz, especially our hugely popular Razz Tots classes, with each 6 week block of sessions following a new and exciting theme.

For babies, right through to walking, grown-up and child will play and explore using your imaginations, movement and storytelling, along with development aiding sensory activities and our specially produced bespoke Tiny Tots songs! All designed to be stimulating and developing communication as you and your Tiny Tots meet many new friends and other parents, in a relaxed environment.

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Razz Tots

Good parenting and high quality early learning together provide the foundation children need to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up. That’s why Razzamataz has designed parent assisted class, Razz Tots, for toddlers, an exciting journey through the jungle, to space, under the sea and much more! Razzamataz hope to aid parents to ensure that their children can develop and achieve their full potential in a safe and enabling environment.

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Razz Early Years Minis

Our Razz Minis is the perfect class for budding young stars aged 4-6 to continue their journey into the world of the Performing Arts, our Minis explore dance, drama and singing in equal amounts in their very own one hour long class. Razz Minis, enjoy both commercial styles such as street dance and pop singing as well as musical theatre.

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